How Michigan Rockstar Realty was born...

Having a love of music combined with a love of being in front of a crowd coupled with a background in sales, created the perfect storm that resulted in Michigan Rockstar Realty. Mick grew up playing music in front of large crowds from the time he was a small child. Coming from a family of musicians and real estate agents, he followed in the family's footsteps and gained his appraisals license in the early 2000's and then attained his real estate license in 2007. Having played and toured as a professional musician (guitarist) for many years, and having been in sales most of his life, Mick brought his interpersonal skills along with his sharp focus for detail to the business. He saw a need and an area that greatly lacked in the real estate business.









Mick realized there was a need for quality luxury service for any listing, not just the luxury market. He knows that buying and selling real estate is a major investment that can be an emotional process, and he wants to make the transition and transaction as smooth and easy as possible. With his background in sales and music, where he was able to nurture his interpersonal skills, which are essential for effective negotiations, Mick has mastered the game of negotiations and is confident that he can bring you what you need to close the deal favorably.  




Mick's mission from the beginning has been to provide quality professional service for all his clients. Quality, not quantity, is the foundation of Michigan Rockstar Realty.  Its all about giving you the best experience possible. Rockstar Treatment is priority.  All of Michigan Rockstar Realty's clients are treated with utmost care and respect. Michigan Rockstar Realty offers a customized luxury service that is tailored to the clients individual needs. 

"Mick's mission from the beginning
has been to provide quality professional service for
all his clients. 
Quality, not quantity, 
is the foundation of
Michigan Rockstar Realty

"It's all about giving you the best experience possible. Rockstar Treatment is priority."



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