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Our Marketing Strategy

"We don't just list your home, we get it sold!"


Great Marketing Sells

Our Marketing Strategy 

We provide a comprehensive digital and social media marketing strategy to sell your home. Our approach includes targeted Facebook and social media advertising, email marketing, content marketing,

and personalized outreach.

First Impressions are Everything



Your Home's first showing starts online. Our professional photographer captures the best of your home that will surely impress buyers.

First Impressions are Everything and it starts with great photos!

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Reach Matters

Social Media Marketing 

We'll advertise your home on Facebook and other social media platforms to reach thousands of people and we'll be sure to highlight your home's best features. This strategy helps reach and engage buyers in a captivating way.

Captivating Video Tours
Video Marketing

Following the same theme as above... First Impressions are EVERYTHING! In today's competitive market, you need to stand out.  Having a captivating video tour will help do just that. Not only do we showcase your video tour on our website,  we also stream your video tour on the MLS, IDX, Zillow, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other media platforms!

Black Drone

Drones Have Changed Marketing
Dramatic Views

The latest marketing tactic in real estate is the use of dramatic camera drone photography & video tours in online listings. If you want your home to stand out, this is it. Drone footage is included with our services. 

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