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Famous Homes and Their Fascinating Histories in Plymouth MI

While Plymouth, MI may not boast as many renowned homes as some other cities, there are still a handful with captivating histories waiting to be discovered. Here are a few notable examples:

At Michigan Rockstar Realty, we invite you to delve into Plymouth's rich architectural tapestry:

  1. The Wilcox House: Situated in Plymouth's downtown core, the Wilcox House dates back to 1868, making it one of the city's oldest dwellings. Having transitioned from private abode to boarding house and museum, today it serves as a picturesque venue for weddings and special occasions.

  2. Robyn's Inn: Nestled at 932 Penniman stands a distinguished residence with a rich history dating back to 1903. Formerly the cherished home of Dr. and Mrs. Harrison Nichols, this architectural gem has been transformed into the esteemed Robyn's Inn, a premier bed and breakfast destination.

  3. The Elms Estate: Nestled at 1411 W. Ann Arbor Trail stands a stately residence with a rich legacy dating back to 1918, when it was meticulously crafted by Edward C. Hough. Fondly known as "The Elms," this estate served as the cherished abode of Ed and Louise (Sheffield) Hough for over four decades, from 1918 to 1959. Edward Hough, son of the esteemed Lewis C. Hough, played a pivotal role in the Plymouth Iron Windmill Company, which later evolved into the iconic Daisy Air Rifle Company. Edward assumed the role of Treasurer in 1893, contributing significantly to the company's success. Stepping onto the grounds of "The Elms," one is transported back in time, as the estate retains its original charm and character. From the distinctive carriage port on the west side to the two-story carriage house nestled behind, every element of the home exudes timeless elegance. With an unpaved driveway evoking a sense of nostalgia, visitors are invited to envision the grandeur of yesteryears, immersing themselves in the captivating allure of a bygone era.

  4. The Starkweather House: Nestled at 711 Starkweather, in Plymouth's Old Village neighborhood. stands a distinguished residence with roots dating back to 1875. This historic home belonged to none other than George Anson Starkweather, a prominent figure in Plymouth's rich heritage. Born as the first settler child in Plymouth, Starkweather led a multifaceted life as a merchant, schoolteacher, lawyer, farmer, and greenhouse owner. His contributions extended beyond business, as he served as Plymouth Township supervisor, Village President, and even represented Plymouth in the Michigan Legislature during the 1850s. A staunch advocate for education and community development, Starkweather played a pivotal role in bringing railroads to Plymouth, leaving an indelible mark on its growth and prosperity.

  5. 1395 Park Place: Located in Hough Park neighborhood in Plymouth, lies a historic residence with ties to American aviation and industry. Built in 1927 by Cass Sheffield Hough, this distinguished home holds the distinction of being the inaugural residence in the esteemed Hough Park neighborhood. Cass, a Plymouth native born in 1904, was not only a prominent figure in the community but also the grandson of Lewis Cass Hough, a founding member of the renowned Daisy Air Rifle Company. This home served as the cherished abode of Cass and his first wife, Margaret, embodying a legacy of heritage and innovation in Plymouth's illustrious history.

These illustrious homes and districts represent just a fraction of Plymouth's storied architectural landscape. Whether you're a history aficionado or simply appreciate timeless design, Plymouth promises a captivating journey through its rich heritage.

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